The Buy B.C. program promotes local products

The Buy B.C. program promotes local products

Buy B.C. program gets a financial boost

The B.C. government is expanding the Buy Local program with an additional $2 million

The B.C. government is expanding the Buy Local program with an  additional $2 million to help B.C. farmers and food processors promote their products, and support food security.

With the additional $2 million investment, the program aims to increase  consumer demand and sales of B.C. agrifoods.  Businesses and organizations can apply for matching funding from the B.C. government  for projects that promote local foods.

“The Buy Local program will continue to be a huge success in encouraging British Columbians to choose the high-quality foods grown and produced  right here at home,” said Norm Letnick, agriculture minister and Lake Country MLA.

“Every purchase of a B.C. product contributes to jobs in our communities, and the food security of our province.”

The Buy Local program has supported about 40 campaigns to support B.C. food, seafood, and floral products in communities around the province so  far, with companies and organizations, large and small reporting  increased sales, including:

B.C. Food Processors Association reporting sales of B.C. products increased by $5 million during the first four months of their project.

17,000 additional cartons of cherries were sold over three weeks in 2013 compared to the same period in 2012 despite a smaller crop.

The entire crop of the new Salish and aurora golden gala apples sold, with successful introduction in four of B.C.’s largest food  retail chains.


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