Campaign targets idling vehicles

Residents will be urged to turn off their vehicles as a way of improving the environment.

The City of Vernon will spend $1,000 to install 20 signs that promote anti-idling among motorists.

“They’re designed to raise awareness,” said Coun. Buffy Baumbrough.

“If parents are waiting to pick up their children at school, they can shut off their vehicles and reduce greenhouse emissions and energy use.”

A total of 25 signs are being obtained for free from the Okanagan Airshed Coalition.

“Five signs will be targeted for schools that have gone through the travel planning process and they will cover the cost of installation,” said Kim Flick, the city’s manager of community development.

As a way of limiting the city’s costs, the 20 signs will be installed on buildings and existing sign posts.

High-profile locations will be selected such as drop-off zones at civic buildings and along certain roads downtown.

According to city staff, idling vehicles are an ongoing problem.

“Vehicular idling is seen in the community primarily in the winter and summer seasons for heating and cooling purposes,” said Wendy Majewski, transportation demand management co-ordinator, in a report.


“Motorists also idle their vehicles for a variety of other reasons, including waiting to pick up passengers, loading and unloading merchandise, talking on cell phones or using computer lap tops while in their vehicle.”