Campaign targets safety

Lumby drivers are good about slowing down in school zones

Lumby drivers are good about slowing down in school zones.

However, other offences committed outside the school zones kept a Vernon-North RCMP North Okanagan Traffic Services (NOTS) officer busy Oct. 2.

Police have recently received numerous complaints with respect to traffic in school zones in the village, as well as with the four-way stop at Shuswap Avenue and Vernon Street (Highway 6), so NOTS had an officer in enforcing the rules of the road.

In one hour in the school zones, the officer recorded the highest speed at 37 kilometres per hour

“While this is excellent news, and we commend the drivers in Lumby slowing down in the school zone to keep their children safe, our officer did note a lot of other offences,” said Const. Jocelyn Noseworthy with the Vernon-North Okanagan detachment.

The officer counted 78 seatbelt violations that he did not write tickets for.

While observing the area around the four-way  stop, the officer wrote 12 violation tickets for failing to stop at a stop sign, five tickets for drivers using electronic devices, and five for not wearing seatbelts.

Three motorists were written up for having no valid driver’s licence, and one person was ticketed for having no insurance.

“The RCMP are reminding drivers that we patrol throughout all of our communities and will enforce the rules of the road at all times,” said Noseworthy.