Campus of Care back on books

Coldstream Meadows is eager to further develop the Mackie Drive site into a Campus of Care retirement community

A Coldstream care facility is again eyeing expansion.

Coldstream Meadows is eager to further develop the Mackie Drive site into a Campus of Care retirement community.

“Coldstream’s aging population needs age-appropriate accommodation, service and care options to ensure Coldstream residents and their families can stay and live in Coldstream,” said owner Jack Borden, in his application letter.

“Good planning today will support much needed future development.”

The retirement community currently has 98 units, but Borden points out that Coldstream will need another 500 units of seniors housing in the next 25 years.

The property currently includes the original 57-unit facility (The Lodge), four duplexes (The Cottages) and a 33-unit residential building (The Views).

Borden is looking to proceed with plans to build The Terraces (a 48-unit facility made up of six-plexes) and prepare future development of a campus of care (including supportive living apartments, assisted living facilities and a community care facility).

To do so, Borden would like to redesignate the entire property as seniors residential (a portion of it currently holds that designation while the remainder is agricultural with non-farm use).

“Our 23-acres has never been a farm, viable or otherwise, and has had uninterrupted institutional use since 1917, almost 100 years,” notes Borden.

He would also like to rezone the entire property to residential comprehensive development, zone two (two lots currently have that zoning).

Part of his proposal includes eliminating the 160-unit restriction in the zoning and removing a no-build covenant on the property (which would allow for the campus of care to be built).

Coldstream Meadows is also offering to dedicate a portion of land (fronting Mackie Drive) as a park to the greater community of Coldstream.

The application, if approved, would also make the project shelf-ready with land and zoning in place for when the Interior Health Authority issues its next request for proposals for a funded care facility.

“To have a licensed care facility within our community has always been one of our major goals,” said Borden.

The District of Coldstream’s Advisory Planning Commission will review the application, after which it will come back to council for consideration.