Cattle rustlers near Cherryville lead to $10,000 reward

A cow and calf were shot and partially butchered Tuesday morning

A price has been put out on some rustlers.

Rancher Jeremy Wasylyszyn and his family have launched a $10,000 reward for the arrest of the individuals who shot a cow and calf Tuesday near Cherryville.

“Somebody has to catch them,” said Wasylyszyn, who farms in Vernon.

“This is $4,000 (for the cow and calf) so maybe $10,000 is an incentive to report them. We will see how good of friends he has.”

The family had its herd out on the range for the summer, half an hour east of Cherryville near Edgewood.

They were rounding up cattle Tuesday.

“We drove by the cow and calf standing there in the morning and we came back about two to three hours later, and they were shot,” said Wasylyszyn.

Only the tenderloin portion from the back was taken from both the cow and calf.

“They may have been scared off,” said Wasylyszyn.

“They cut the identification tags off the ears but we found them in a brush pile.”

Wasylyszyn is working with the RCMP and conservation officers as part of the investigation.

“I’m sure somebody saw something,” said  Wasylyszyn, adding that there’s a lot of logging in that area.

It’s not known if the incident near Cherryville is related to a number of cattle recently being killed on the Coldstream Ranch. The ranch has offered a $1,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the individuals involved in those cases.