Centre needs a hand

The Schubert Centre is short on help and is in need of some extra volunteers

With anywhere from 75 to 350 people coming through the doors a day, the Schubert Centre is a hot spot for seniors.

For 20 years now, the Schubert Centre has been providing social and recreational opportunities for seniors.

But whether it’s crafts, catching up, a game of pool, floor curling or cards, it is volunteers who keep the centre running.

Unfortunately, the Schubert Centre is short on help and is in need of some extra hands.

“We are running probably at about 100 right now,” said manager Jack Gareb. “We should be around 120.”

As an example, there are two shifts every day in the coffee shop, which is open six days a week. There’s also the front desk, downstairs and depending on the day, extra hands needed for events.

While the term ‘work’ may come to mind, there are a number of benefits to volunteering at the centre.

Along with some perks like a free coffee and food discounts, volunteers enjoy a sense of belonging and camaraderie at the Schubert Centre.

“They may do a shift at the front desk and then go play a game of cards,” said Gareb.

Anyone interested in lending some time to the centre and helping to make a difference in the lives of local seniors can call the Schubert Centre at 250-549-4201 and ask for Jack or email info@schubertcentre.ca