Charging stations encouraged for township

Resident pushing for expanded use of electric cars in Spallumcheen

David Derbowka is getting a new charge out of driving.

The founder and chief executive officer of Passive Remediations Systems, and chairperson of the Armstrong Spallumcheen Environmental Trust, is advocating the use of electric vehicles and seeking the installation of charging stations for such at both the Township of Spallumcheen and City of Armstrong halls.

“My new EV (electric vehicle) will travel 130 kilometres per overnight charge,” said Derbowka to Spallumcheen council.

“My maintenance expense is gone. I no longer buy fossil fuels and I find too few places to plug in for a continuance for power ahead except for my own home.”

Derbowka is asking both municipalities to consider installing quick-charge units at public visitor parking areas.

“This is a lead in the requirement toward a fossil fuel-free economy, led by the Paris COP 21 arrangements,” said Derbowka. “Clean air is a good idea.”

Derbowka’s new electric vehicle, he said, runs the equivalent of about 150 miles per gallon of fossil fuel, and believes the average urban dweller drives about 47 miles per day.

“I have noticed my EV covers my purpose well even with only the trickle charge, which is supplied by a 12-amp, 120-volt circuit,” he said.

“My driving frequency remains unchanged.”

The Armstrong Co-op gas bar has a charging station in place.

Spallumcheen council deferred Derbowka’s request until staff can research costs on charging stations and other related matter.