Cherryville backed by Vernon council

The City of Vernon will write a letter of support for Cherryville over concerns about a logging road

The largest community in the North Okanagan has joined Cherryville’s ongoing fight against a logging road.

The City of Vernon will write a letter of support for Cherryville which is concerned B.C. Timber Sales’ plans for a road and ultimate logging on Cherry Ridge could cause landslides.

“The community there is asking for a delay on road construction because they are concerned about slides and the impact on the community,” said Juliette Cunningham, a Vernon councillor.

Cunningham believes BCTS, a provincial agency, should listen to the residents of Cherryville and address the concerns.

“We want to provide a united voice,” she said of the letter.

BCTS officials have insisted that proper soil and hydrological assessments have been done and there is no risk of a slide impacting residents in the valley bottom.

Lone opposition to Vernon’s letter of support came from Coun. Mary-Jo O’Keefe.

“It’s completely out of our jurisdiction,” said O’Keefe, adding that Vernon council’s decision was only based on information from Cherryville residents.

“Considerable work has been done by the province and the contractor. We should have a report from the province (to consider) before we take a stand,” she said.