City council lowers speed limit on Park Drive

Speed bumps have been bumped in favour of a lower speed limit along an Armstrong roadway

Speed bumps have been bumped in favour of a lower speed limit along an Armstrong roadway.

The Armstrong Kin Club wrote a letter to Armstrong council asking for consideration of speed bumps along Park Drive which is the road the Kin RV Park is on.

“With the entrance to the municipal pool, skate park, Nor-Val Sports Centre and the Kin RV Park facing onto Park Drive, we have concerns for the safety of not only the children who attend these establishments but for adult patrons as well,” wrote Kin Club president Woody Smith in a letter to the city asking to have temporary speed bumps installed on Park Drive to quell speeders, particularly in the summertime.

Public works manager Tim Perepolkin stated in a letter to council that above grade speed bumps do cause issues for snow clearing and “really are not that effective unless they are of significant size, both height and length, as most newer vehicles have great suspension that absorbs wheel movements.”

“So the faster you go, the less you bump,” said Perepolkin.

After consultation with public works and RV Park director Mel Orr, the city’s public works committee recommended to council that the city suggest posting Park Drive as a 30-kilometre-per-hour speed limit permanently with new speed limit signs placed on both the east- and westbound directions of travel.

“Right now, it’s 30 kilometres per hour during school hours, we’re requesting it be made 30 km/h permanently,” said Coun. John Trainor, chairperson of the city’s public works committee.

The city will provide the Armstrong RCMP with the information on this development, and will ask them to spend some time in the summer months patrolling Park Drive in search of speeders.

Armstrong council voted unanimously in favour of the public works’ recommendation to the city.