City fears ramifications over trade pact

The City of Vernon is raising concerns about a proposed international trade pact.

The City of Vernon is raising concerns about a proposed international trade pact.

The city will ask the provincial government for a briefing on trade negotiations between Canada and Europe. It also wants a permanent exemption for municipalities and regional districts from the deal.

“This has far-reaching implications for local government and I hope there is still an opportunity for meaningful input,” said Coun. Juliette Cunningham.

The issue was recently raised by the North Okanagan Food Action Society.

The society suggests any trade agreement could led to European corporations having full access to the purchasing of goods and services by municipalities, hospitals and school districts.

Predator Plan Proceeds

A proposed blueprint for development at Predator Ridge is moving ahead.

Vernon council has given first reading to the Predator Ridge neighbourhood plan.

“Increasing the commercial nodes will benefit the community and increased park land is a win for everyone,” said Coun. Brian Quiring.

The plan considers land use, densities, building form and development patterns.

The first plan was initiated in 1996 and it is now being updated to reflect Vernon’s official community plan and market conditions.

Public input will be required before council can consider adoption of the neighbourhood plan.

Schubert Centre Seeks Expansion

Vernon’s Schubert Centre is looking to expand the base of seniors housing in the community.

The City of Vernon held a public hearing Monday to consider the centre’s rezoning and official community plan applications for its 30th Avenue property.

“There is an urgent need for more attainable and affordable housing units,” said Terry Pakenham, Schubert Centre spokesman, of the proposed project.

However, for the project to proceed, the Schubert Centre needs the city to provide 2,150-square-metres of Luc Girouard Park, also known as the Rock.

“This piece of land gets very little use,” said Pakenham.

Some residents have expressed concerns about the potential impact of the development on the park, while others say construction could negatively impact their properties.

“People are worried about cosmetic damage if blasting occurs,” said a man at the hearing.