City funds request

Armstrong provides assistance to regional district, hospital district and library board

Armstrong council gave unanimous three readings to its annual Regional District of North Okanagan, regional hospital district and Okanagan Regional Library property tax requisitions bylaw.

“These requisitions are in the form of revenue required to fund our share of regional services,” said city chief financial officer Terry Martens.

“The city then calculates the tax rates necessary to generate the required revenue from our taxpayers.”

RDNO’s requisition is up 2.2 per cent or $5,558 from 2014. The effect on the average residential property in Armstrong is $0.67.

The regional hospital requisition is 2015 is $210,730, which represents an increase of $7,959 (3.9 per cent) from 2014, and will effect the average property in the city by $2.03.

The library requisition is $177,090, an increase of 3.8 per cent or $6,526 from 2014, which will cost Armstrong residents $1.14.