City nixes major road upgrade

City council has backed off spending $859,000 on storm sewer, sanitary sewer, road and lighting work on Granville Avenue

A costly project is not going ahead in Enderby.

City council has backed off spending $859,000 on storm sewer, sanitary sewer, road and lighting work on  Granville Avenue.

“It’s a very under-used road and it’s still functioning,” said Coun. Brad Case.

“The work would have not improved access on to the highway.”

Instead, the city will explore some minor upgrades to the road.

“Part of the sidewalk needs to be addressed and  there needs to be an area for trucks and emergency vehicles turning around,” said Coun. Roxanne Davyduke.

Further upgrades to Granville Avenue may proceed after phase two of Memorial Terrace seniors housing is completed.

“It’s about balancing demands and not doing now what may change in the future,” said Davyduke.

Council, though, will proceed with $1.8 million in storm sewer, sanitary sewer, road and lighting work on  Vernon Street.

Household compost a concern

Enderby is investigating a way to cut back further on the amount of garbage produced.

Council has received a letter from resident Bea Kirkwood-Hackett about possibly collecting organic material for composting.

“It’s a great idea so we will take a look at it further and how to possibly implement it,” said Coun. Shawn Shishido, who will work with Coun. Tundra Baird on the issue.

In her letter, Kirkwood-Hackett says decaying items in landfills contribute to global warming.

“The City of Vancouver is starting a composting program. Could the City of Enderby do the same?” she said. “Could we be the start of something big in the valley? Could we partner with Armstrong to get better results for the landfill?”

Mock water bills issued

Enderby residents are getting a better sense of what they will spend for metered water.

Mock bills from September to December indicate that 72.9 per cent of single-family and multi-family households would have paid an amount equal to or less than the 2014 flat rate had the metered rate been in effect.

However, at the end of December, there were still 69 continuous leaks, which are impacting water consumption for individual property owners.

“There are still some people with issues but we need to work on them,” said Coun. Brad Case.

Veterans honoured

Enderby is paying tributes to its veterans.

The city will provide the honorary designation of Veteran’s Way to Mill Avenue between Maud and George streets.

“When a street is given an honorary name, street sign blades to that effect would typically be placed under the existing signs,” said Tate Bengston, the city’s chief administrative officer.

“The existing street name would remain in place to aid navigation and emergency response. Existing addresses would remain the same.”