City of Vernon reviews business licence bylaw

Feedback is being sought on proposed business license fees in Vernon

Feedback is being sought on proposed business license fees in Vernon.

Council directed staff last year to review the business license bylaw and fee structure.

“The existing bylaw has been in place with few revisions since 1985, and is inconsistent with current legislation, incompatible with the latest licensing software and inconsistent with future plans for on-line processes,” said Terralynn Muska, with the city’s planning and building department.

“Further, a committee of city staff, a member of council and a representative from the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce set a goal to develop regulations that were both transparent and easily understood.”

The proposed changes include a revised application process and fee structure as well as a shift toward fees being based on the size of the business premises.

The bylaw includes fees of $125 per year for contractors, $90 for home occupation, $60 for secondary suites, $800 for businesses more than 2,500 square metres and $115 for businesses under 100 square metres.

“Business owners are encouraged to review the proposed bylaw, fee schedule and other explanatory materials,” said Muska, adding that council will make a decision on the proposed bylaw in late March.

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