City pushes for bicycle racks

Cycling is being promoted as alternative transportation in Enderby

Cycling is being promoted as alternative transportation in Enderby.

City council is asking the recreation services commission to consider installing bicycle racks at Barnes, Riverside and Tuey parks.

“When we did a community consultation, people were asking for more places to secure their bicycles,” said Coun. Brad Case.

“We want people to get around the community in non-vehicles means.”

Depending on the design of the bicycle rack, the devices could cost between $200 and $500 each.

“The commission will decide which way to go,” said Case.

There are currently bicycle racks at many businesses, schools and agencies.

Billboard moves ahead

Enderby groups are another step closer to increasing awareness among residents and tourists.

A digital billboard will be installed at the northwest corner of the parking lot next to city hall, and  the permitting process will proceed.

“All organizations in town will be able to put information on it,” said Coun. Beryl Ludwig of the sign.

“It should give everyone a lot of exposure.”

However, the parking lot is owned by Imperial Oil so permission for the sign is still required and purchase of the sign is still subject to budget deliberations.

The goal is to have the sign operational before tourism season.

Politicians get creative

Enderby officials will be able to demonstrate their creative side.

Members of council will be paired with a local artist to create a work of art that will then be auctioned off to raise funds for the Courtyard Gallery and the Enderby Artists Initiative.

“I better practice a bit,” said Mayor Howie Cyr, who isn’t sure if he will be painting, drawing or sculpting.


“It’s a novel way to generate funds for a worthwhile group.”