City reduces carbon footprint

The City of Armstrong continues to reduce its carbon emissions

  • Mar. 2, 2014 4:00 p.m.

The City of Armstrong continues to reduce its carbon emissions.

In a report to council, the city’s chief financial officer, Terry Martens, said Armstrong’s total carbon footprint in its operations for 2013 was 129.18 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

That represents a 13.4 per cent reduction from 149.07 tonnes in 2012.

“The 19.89 tonne reduction is comprised of 4.5 tonnes due to reduced energy consumption and 15.5 tonnes due to the conversion factors used in calculating emissions being once again amended by the province,” wrote Martens.

Corporate action in 2013 included starting a sewer master plan major upgrade and the continuation of installing approximately 1,200 water meters.

The city also started to replace burned-out high pressure sodium streetlights with LED lamps.

In the community last year, funding from B.C. Hydro/Tree Canada was used for the planting of approximately 50 trees on public roads in the city, and construction began on the new Huculak Park.

In 2014, Armstrong will continue the building of Huculak Park, adopt its official community plan and continue with community-wide water conservation education.

Corporate actions proposed for this year include  the start of the water master plan major update, and completion of the water meter installations.