City taxes up 1.7 per cent

Vernon officially sets 2012 tax increase to 1.7 per cent

The average Vernon taxpayer will officially be shelling out an extra $14 this year.

The city set its 2012 tax rates bylaw Thursday and evened out some numbers to ensure there are no surprises.

“We’ve achieved a rate 1.7 per cent above last year’s,” said Mayor Rob Sawatzky.

Based on the assessed value of the average home ($336,676), that increase works out to $14.

There had been some confusion with the numbers, as a decrease in assessments meant the increase would actually work out to 4.06 per cent over last year.

“It’s back to where it was originally thought to be (1.7 per cent),” said Coun. Bob Spiers. “I’m never happy with any increase but this was more palatable than four per cent.”

The 2011 average home in Vernon was assessed at $340,976, but council did some adjustments to ensure they could keep the tax increase under control.

Assessed values are out of the city’s control.

Sawatzky is pleased with the work that has been done by council and staff to keep the increase minimal.

“I think it’s quite reasonable.”