City tweaks snow removal policy

Clear plan now in place in City of Armstrong

Snow removal procedures have undergone a change in Armstrong.

The city has tweaked its snow removal policy for at least one year, saying it will plow loose snow, slush, compact snow and ice from roadways in order of assigned classifications priority.

Those include: R1 – major roads; R2 – important connectors, transit route, community care, parallel and angled parking lanes, city parking lots, commercial lanes; R3 – residential roads within four distinct areas: Area A, north of Deep Creek; Area B, north of Rosedale Avenue; Area C, south of Rosedale Avenue; Area D, west of Railway; R4 – residential lanes, cul de sacs, other.

“Now that the public works manager has put this in writing, it will help council and staff inform the public on how it’s done,” said Mayor Chris Pieper. “It will really help explain when we get all of those phone calls after 12 inches of snow and it’s barely disappeared.

“We can only do what we can do. It is organized, it is planned. I think it’s a good policy to try and work with this year.”