City wants doctors recognized

Enderby concerned internationally trained physicians cannot work

A looming crisis has Enderby officials demanding changes to how doctors are licensed.

City council decided Monday to contact the B.C. College of Physicians about why the skills of foreign trained doctors are not easily recognized in the province.

“We hear about all of these obstacles that make it difficult to work,” said Coun. Greg McCune.

“We’re a bit shocked that this is true. It shouldn’t be difficult in our country to work.”

There could only be one permanent doctor in Enderby in early 2013 as other physicians have left for a variety of reasons.

As a result of media coverage about the situation, the city has been contacted by Brian Jones, a Canadian citizen living in Vancouver who trained as a physician in Mexico.

He has been unable to have his credentials recognized in B.C.

“My family and I are willing to come visit the community and speak with all of you,” Jones wrote to council.

“I would make a commitment to move and work immediately in medicine if I were granted a provisional licence.”

Jones is openly urging the City of Enderby to get involved.

“For the college to listen, your community would have to do this for me if you are interested in helping me,” he said.

“It is not my intention to gain a licence and leave your community quickly. I would be willing to sign a legal contract with the community.”

Mayor Howie Cyr is frustrated with the circumstances facing Jones.

“We have a physician that would be happy to be in a community like Enderby and he can’t get a licence,” said Cyr.

“If the college (of physicians) is being overly bureaucratic, we need to shine a light on it.”


The Interior Health Authority is recruiting physicians for Enderby and there is the possibility of at least one doctor arriving in the summer.