Clock talk resumes

Debate over Vernon’s downtown clock tower keeps on ticking.

Debate over Vernon’s downtown clock tower keeps on ticking.

City council decided Tuesday to present the original clock faces in the 31st Avenue clock tower to the Greater Vernon Museum for restoration. They will be replaced by new faces in the structure.

“We’ve spent too much time on this clock,” said Coun. Jack Gilroy.

Significant discussion has been held over the last few months on the fate of the clock tower, which hasn’t operated for at least four years. Council recently decided to spend $15,000 for mechanical mechanisms.

The original faces will be part of the museum’s restoration of the original 1912 mechanism, which has been stored at O’Keefe Ranch.

“If we want to preserve the historic aspect of the clock, it deserves to be in the museum,” said Coun. Mary-Jo O’Keefe.

The museum’s goal is to hold an exhibition in 1912 marking the centennial of the clock and the old post office which used to house the clock.

“Think about the visitor impact we could experience by having a working 100-year-old tower clock in the museum,” said curator Ron Candy in a letter to council.

Gilroy believes the heritage clock could help promote future expansion of culture.

“Once there is a new museum, it will be an awesome piece in there,” he said.

The new clock faces will cost about $2,000 but they could be accommodated within the existing $15,000 budget for upgrading the clock tower.