Coldstream building activity increases

It was a busy year for builders in Coldstream as construction activity rose from 2011 statistics.

It was a busy year for builders in Coldstream.

Last year saw a rise in construction activity over 2011, with 35 housing units built, up from 25 the previous year.

“It’s been going up,” said Mayor Jim Garlick of the district’s building statistics.

The total value of construction amounted to $20 million for 2012 – compared to $12 million in 2011.

But there is some concern over a decline in multi-unit/duplex construction. There were 15 units built in 2008, which has continuously decreased to just two units last year.

“Multi-family units are going in the wrong direction,” said Coun. Maria Besso, who suggests the district should discuss the trend in its official community plan review.

Water improvements on tap

Efforts are underway to improve drinking water through some upstream improvements in Coldstream.

The district is seeking grants to assist with a Coldstream Creek intercepted groundwater management project in Lavington.

The project would include construction of a ditch and culvert as well as a wetland.

“The wetland would reduce nitrate contamination of the creek, which is the primary objective of the project,” said Irma Breitkreutz, executive research co-ordinator, in her report.

“Not only would it be beneficial to habitat in the creek, but it would reduce the potential for algae blooms in Kalamalka Lake, which would impact the drinking water for over 30,000 users.”

Coldstream has set aside $78,500 towards the project and is seeking an Okanagan Basin Water Board grant as well gas tax funds to assist with the costs.