Mayor Jim Garlick (left) is sworn in to office by Judge Al Betton during Coldstream’s inaugural council meeting Monday.

Mayor Jim Garlick (left) is sworn in to office by Judge Al Betton during Coldstream’s inaugural council meeting Monday.

Coldstream council moving ahead

Coldstream's mayor and six councillors take part in inaugural meeting

The faces are the same, but Coldstream’s mayor insists governance isn’t sitting still.

Mayor Jim Garlick and five incumbent councillors were sworn in to a four-year term Monday, as was Glen Taylor, who is returning to council after the Nov. 15 election.

“It’s still exciting times,” said Garlick, who is launching his third term as mayor.

“We are moving ahead on projects that have been talked about for years.”

Among them are possibly a new museum and art gallery for Greater Vernon, as well as an ongoing focus on infrastructure upgrades in Coldstream. There will also be a focus on water after voters shot down borrowing $70 million for a master water plan.

Garlick believes the structure of council has prevented political divisions from occurring.

“We’ve had good consensus on issues with the committee of the whole meetings,” he said.

“We can have longer discussions and get consensus instead of going straight to council and hammering something out.”

Taylor takes over from Maria Besso, who didn’t seek re-election.

“Glen has been involved with some of the issues before but there are some gaps (since he was off council) so we hope to bring him up to speed,” said Garlick.

“Maria played a huge role so one person leaving and one arriving may bring new opinions.”

For 2015, Coun. Doug Dirk has been reappointed as Coldstream’s representative to the Regional District of North Okanagan board of directors.

“Doug has been around the regional district and has a real interest in how it’s managed,” said Garlick. “With his years of experience, I’d be foolish to remove him.”

Garlick and Coun. Gyula Kiss will once again sit at the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee.

“If Gyula has a strong opinion on water, it would be crazy for me to remove him from there,” said Garlick of why changes in appointments weren’t made.

“If you don’t have those opinions at the table, you have to deal with it in another form.”

Kiss will also attend Okanagan Regional Library.

The other members on Coldstream council are Pat Cochrane, Richard Enns and Peter McClean.