Coldstream couple safe after Boston marathon explosion

Bombs kill three and wound more than 140. No suspects located

The Boston Marathon has been the site of fatal bombings Monday.

The Boston Marathon has been the site of fatal bombings Monday.

A Coldstream couple is shaken up but not injured after explosions rocked the Boston Marathon Monday.

Marnie Kovacs had just completed the famous race and Gerry Kovacs was waiting near the finish line at around noon Pacific time when there were two major blasts, which some media report are linked to bombs.

“I was 100 feet from it when it happened,” said Gerry, who is a corporal with the Vernon RCMP.

“Marnie had just finished. I went around to get her and there was a huge explosion and then another. People started running.”

Speaking from his hotel room, Gerry clearly was upset.

“I’m scared. It’s surreal here to experience something like this,” he said.

“There’s a million people down here and to see the fear in people’s faces…it’s mass pandemonium.”

A wail of sirens could be heard in the background and military vehicles were converging on downtown Boston.

Prior to the explosion, Kovas says people were visiting back and forth and excited about being at the marathon.

“All of the people who got hurt, they are just tourists from all over the world. They were just cheering people on.”