Coldstream crews scramble to curtail flooding

Substantial weekend melting causes flooding in Coldstream and Lavington

Havoc flooded Coldstream and Lavington over the weekend.

Warm temperatures, causing substantial melting, forced water to flood area roads and even some homes Saturday and Sunday.

“This will happen whenever we get hot weather but the ground is still frozen and the water can’t go into the ground,” said Mayor Jim Garlick, adding that the situation has since calmed down.

Water seeped into the basements of several homes in the Ravenscraig subdivision as runoff pooled along Aberdeen/Selkirk and Highway 6.

A two-to three-inch river of water also ran down Kalamalka Road in the town centre area, separating a few driveways from the roads and cut off some residents.

“The culverts couldn’t take the water flows,” said Garlick, adding that the entrance into Coldstream Park was also washed away and there were some problems on Kidston Road at the newly constructed bike path.

In Lavington, substantial melting off ranch and agricultural lands also caused problems for area residents and motorists. Water pooled alongside Highway 6 in several areas, caused some problems on Buchanan Road and also effected some homes in the rural suburb.

Crews were out in full force over the weekend diverting water from properties and are now monitoring the situation as the mercury is expected to rise to double digits again this week.

“If this warm weather continues and Silver Star is melting that creek starts rising,” said Garlick of Coldstream Creek, which runs through the community.

Rather than waiting until disaster strikes, homeowners are urged to do what they can to protect their homes.

“The best thing is to be pro-active,” said Garlick.

Free sand and sand bags are available at:

Kalamalka Road – across from Postill Drive

Lavington – School Road across from Jeffers Park

Area flooding has occurred in the past in Coldstream, notably in 2010 with Antwerp Springs.

“It’s typically not in these volumes but most of them (residents) have lived there long enough to have seen it once or twice,” said Mike Pethick, Coldstream’s operations superintendant, public works department.

In light of the recent flooding activity, Garlick says the district will be re-examining its storm management plan.

Depending on the area, various infrastructure will be looked at, ranging from proper curbs and gutters to catch basins and bigger culverts to ditches.

“It’s something long-term,” said Garlick, adding that they will also have to look at ways to finance any potential upgrades, which will also better address water treatment. “I don’t think we’re going to be fixing it all tomorrow.”

Pethick, however, isn’t sure any amount of infrastructure could have handled the volumes of water experienced over the weekend.

“Under normal circumstances (the current system) works, but this overwhelmed the system,” said Pethick.