Halloween fireworks brighten up the sky above Kalamalka Lake Monday

Halloween fireworks brighten up the sky above Kalamalka Lake Monday

Coldstream firefighters make cleanup a priority

Firefighters initiated a cleanup plan for Halloween fireworks debris

Coldstream firefighters were cleaning up as the last of the Halloween fireworks lit up the sky.

A large crowd took in the annual festivities at Kal Beach Monday.

“We do this for the community on a volunteer basis,” said Dave Sturgeon, fire chief.

“It gives the kids something to do on Halloween night.”

Months of planning and fundraising went into the pyrotechnics show, but the work didn’t stop once the display was over.

Immediately, firefighters initiated a cleanup plan for fireworks debris that had been submitted to the Regional District of North Okanagan.

“We did a thorough sweep and we had lights on the dock to see better,” said Sturgeon.

Firefighters returned to the beach at 7 a.m. Tuesday to continue the cleanup of debris, which is largely paper mache, and then they returned that afternoon.

Beyond the beach, eyes were also cast out on to the lake.

“Generally the waves bring all of the stuff into shore,” said Sturgeon.

Because the firefighters are volunteers and the fireworks were a community event, Sturgeon is hoping residents will get involved with cleanup.

“If residents come across items, pick them up please. It would really be appreciated,” he said.

Some concerns about debris in the lake and on the beach arose after the Canada Day fireworks.

The North Okanagan Canada Day Society has  been asked by the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee to develop a cleanup plan for Kal Beach for next July 1.