Coldstream making revisions to policies

Council has approved amendments to a number of policies regarding a number of departments

The bureaucracy of Coldstream is getting an overhaul.

Council has approved amendments to a number of policies regarding bylaw enforcement, fire inspections, the fire department and personnel.

“We are doing a systematic review of the whole policy manual,” said Mike Stamhuis, chief administrative officer.

“We are looking at the policies and seeing if they need to be updated.”

Some policies deemed to be redundant have already been eliminated and the next step will be to consider if any new policies are required to ensure effective operations.

In terms of the fire department, 21 policies have been amended. They range from fire hydrant installation and fireworks displays to open burning, alcohol consumption in fire halls and election of officers.

There are even guidelines for use of a Lavington fire truck in the Vernon Winter Carnival parade.

“It’s an old policy that’s been there forever,” said Stamhuis.

The policy states that, “the chief administrative officer shall ensure he receives a written request from the Lavington fire hall for presentation to council if they wish to utilize a working fire truck in the Winter Carnival parade. Approval will be subject to the fire chief making appropriate arrangements for protection in the Lavington area, when the fire truck is outside the municipal boundaries.”

However, Stamhuis says there has been no issue  with resources taking away from a fire.

“They use an antique fire truck now for the parades,” he said.