Caroline Longval has won $500

Caroline Longval has won $500

Coldstream resident walks away with $500,000

Caroline Longval's husband purchased the ticket at Coldstream Market

Caroline Longval was in so much shock after winning $500,000 on the Lotto Max Extra that she fell to the floor in tears of joy.

The Coldstream resident received the winning Lotto Max ticket as an impromptu “I love you gift” from her husband. He doesn’t normally purchase the Extra, but on this occasion, his decision to add it on proved to be the right one.

The ticket was purchased at the Coldstream Market,and while checking it there, Longval was in for a big surprise when she discovered she had matched all four numbers on the May 22 Lotto Max Extra draw.

“This was a very nice and unexpected moment. I am very grateful,” she said.

Longval and her family recently relocated from Coquitlam and are now looking forward to purchasing a home without the burden of a mortgage.

But first she plans to host a dinner party to celebrate the win with friends and family.

“It feels great to be a lottery winner,” she laughs.

“We will definitely keep playing to see if we can keep the momentum going.”