Coldstream suggests launch parking fees

The concept of paid parking at a busy boat launch has been put in neutral.

The concept of paid parking at a busy boat launch has been put in neutral.

Coldstream council will ask the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee to investigate the feasibility of paid parking at the Kalavista Drive boat launch.

“We need to put it forward to GVAC and decide if we charge or not,” said Mayor Jim Garlick.

Coldstream’s Kalavista neighbourhood advisory committee recommended that council pursue paid parking at the launch as a way of addressing congestion and offsetting the cost of enforcement.

GVAC will be asked to consider a fixed season pass for Greater Vernon residents, a parking meter that allows people to pay without having to go back to their vehicle with the ticket, meters that take credit cards and debit cards, the appropriate fee for parking and the present bylaw and policing costs for local jurisdictions.

Council members insist that the present goal is only a fact-finding process, and no decision has been made on parking fees.

“We are trying to put forward suggestions from the neighbourhood committee to the parks board,” said Coun. Richard Enns.

However, opposition to parking fees is already starting to surface.

“Now a person must launch their boat and then drive a block to park and run back to the launch to get their boat out of the way. Stopping to pay to park may add considerable time to this process if there is a line up to pay or a malfunction of the machines. We will see launch times increase and even more traffic backups and frustration incurred,” said Lorne Pearson, a boater, in a letter to council.