Committee loses trail rep

A Vernon politician is questioning why a group dedicated to people abandoning their vehicles has withdrawn from a process that shares a common goal.

The Ribbons of Green Trail Society has withdrawn from the city’s transportation demand management steering committee, which looks at alternate modes of transportation such as cycling, transit, carpooling and walking.

“Of all of the groups in the city, this is the one that should be involved,” said Coun. Shawn Lee when council was asked to remove ROGTS from the committee.

“The optics of this is really lax. Council is committing to do all kinds of TDM stuff and now one of the volunteer groups is now pulling out.”

In a letter to the city, ROGTS explains why withdrawal is necessary.

“While recognizing the good work of the committee, we feel adequately involved in the TDM process through our liaison with the Greater Vernon Cycling Advisory Committee and the attendance of Amanda Watson and Wendy Majewski (city staff) at our monthly director’s meeting,” said president Dave Smith.

“We’ve also found it difficult to keep a regular member on the TDM committee due to their other areas of commitment.”

Coun. Buffy Baumbrough doesn’t believe the decision by ROGTS shows a lack of interest in alternate transportation.

“Their input is being considered at a lot of levels,” she said.

“I don’t believe it undermines the activities of the committee. They are moving forward and there is increased awareness on alternatives to using your vehicle.”

A representative from the Interior Health Authority will fill the position vacated by ROGTS.