Committee seeks accountability for funding

Increased transparency is being demanded from organizations that access public dollars.

On Thursday, the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee decided that all groups that receive funding must present a written and verbal report annually.

“When we give out tax money, there should be some accountability as to how the money is used,” said director Mike Gavinchuk.

“I’ve never seen someone come back and say, ‘We got money and we did this, this and this with it.’

“We give money to Teen Junction and other groups and nobody knows what value there is from the money,” said Gavinchuk.

While groups must present GVAC with financial statements, most around the board table agreed that it’s important to know how the money is used.

“There should be at least a list coming back to us,” said director Patrick Nicol.

“It builds trust and that’s what the taxpayers require. I’m sure we could do a little better.”