Committee taking shape

Setting up an economic development committee hasn’t been easy in Lumby.

Just a few weeks ago, there was a lack of public interest in the committee, but now council is trying to whittle down a list of 15 volunteers for five spots.

“We have tried to select people we felt had something unique to add,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

“We are still going through the list and we will talk to them.”

For those not selected to sit on the committee, Acton believes they can still be involved.

“There will be opportunities for other people to participate in sub-groups,” he said.

Coun. Janet Green is pleased that so many residents have put their names forward for the committee.

“There’s quite a number of suitable individuals but we don’t want  the committee to be too large,” she said.

The goal of the committee will be to look at ways of retaining businesses as well as drawing new investment to town.

“I’m hoping we select people with a broad scope so we’re not just limited to one issue,” said Green of the committee.


Besides five members of the public, the committee will include a representative from the Lumby Chamber of Commerce and two members of council.