Complaint doesn’t douse campfires

Enderby supports Riverside campground campfires, despite smoke complaints

The City of Enderby won’t douse campfires although they have one resident fuming.

Council has decided not to take action although Russ Wellington has demanded campfires cease at the Riverside campground on Kildonan Avenue.

“There’s the experience of campfires we want to provide to people,” said Coun. Brad Case.

“People have to buy their wood there on site so they’re not going to burn a lot.”

In a letter to council, Wellington says smoke from the campfires negatively impacts him.

“I live on Larsen Avenue and when you look towards the campground, most times all you can see is a gray haze,” he said.

“There are other ways to enjoy a camping experience and at the same time protect the health of the sick and elderly. Have you considered all of the children that might be suffering from asthma or worse?”

Wellington is calling on the city to take action.

“Is the town that hard up that you have to sell or supply wood to campers just for a few extra dollars?” he said.

Case says council has discussed the situation with the campground operator.

“The campground follows the good neighbour plan,” he said of trying to minimize impacts on residents.

“We have asked that there be no smouldering of fires and that people be respectful.”

Fires at the campground are allowed under city bylaws.

“The current contractor has been responsible. It’s being handled as well can it can be,” said Coun. Earl Shipmaker.

The campground is operated by the Enderby Chamber of Commerce.

“We’ll talk to the chamber and make sure the wood is dry and people burn, small, hot fires,” said Mayor Dee Wejr.