Complex repairs surprise council members

Coldstream councillors shocked over news that the Vernon Recreation Complex needs $2 million in repairs

News that significant repairs are needed at Vernon’s Recreation Complex has left some neighbouring politicians in shock.

“Why hasn’t this thing come up before? It seems just like a total bomb,” said Coldstream Coun. Richard Enns.

It was learned at the last Greater Vernon Advisory Committee meeting that $2 million in repairs are needed at the 46-year-old building.

The most significant issue is the the dehumidification system, which was undersized when the pool was constructed in 1993. Due to expensive repairs, the system was shut off several years later which has resulted in damage to the pool walls and roof.

New heating lines are also needed as the original lines were not installed correctly when the complex was initially constructed.


“Obviously it’s been known, it just hasn’t been relayed to the politicians (until now),” said Coun. Gyula Kiss, a GVAC director.