Concerns aired over particulates

A political debate is expected over the air we breathe

A political debate is expected over the air we breathe.

The Regional District of North Okanagan board has decided to hold a special meeting to determine if the long-defunct air quality committee should be resurrected.

“The background level of particulate matter is right at the maximum,” said director Doug Dirk.

The previous RDNO air quality function was disbanded in 2010 largely for financial reasons, but Dirk insists the issue should be revisited because of concerns about a pellet plant under construction in Lavington.

“There needs to be more discussion,” he said.

However, not everyone at the board table is ready to embrace an air quality service.

“We’ve accomplished a lot like anti-idling so I’m curious about what further mitigation would come out of this?” said director Mike Macnabb.

It was also suggested that Coldstream could go it alone with its own function but Dirk says that’s unrealistic given air currents.

“It has to be a regional initiative. The air is moving all of the time,” he said.