Conservative pushes for Northern Gateway pipeline

Scott Anderson favours project if necessary environmental protections are in place

There are calls for a controversial oil pipeline project to proceed as a way of creating jobs.

Scott Anderson, the B.C. Conservative candidate in Vernon-Monashee, says that with careful environmental protections in place, the Northern Gateway pipeline should go ahead.

“Both the Liberals and the NDP have to stop playing games with the lives of British Columbians.  It’s time to stop saying no to economic growth and start saying yes to carefully managed projects that will bring highly paid, highly skilled jobs back to B.C.,” said Anderson.

Anderson is upset with a recent study that shows food bank use has climbed 23 per cent in B.C. since 2008.

“It’s not enough for the NDP to harp about more food bank use – what’s their solution?  Raise taxes and drag out more expensive government programs?” he said.

“As for the Liberals, raising the minimum wage is not the solution. Is the Liberal vision to have a province full of minimum wage earners? Neither party is willing to address the real problem, a lack of high-paying jobs for British Columbians.  “

Anderson said the Northern Gateway pipeline will supply 4,100 person-years of direct, on-site work and a total of 35,000 person-years of work throughout the province.

“With the proper environmental controls in place we would be fools not to go ahead with the pipeline.”

Anderson recently launched a food drive for the Vernon food bank.

“It helps a little, and it’s better than flinging insults at each other like the two tax-and-spend parties are doing,” he said.