Contenders respond

Dave Hrabchuk steps up to challenge Mayor Jim Garlick for the top spot in Coldstream

  • Nov. 18, 2011 5:00 p.m.

What is the No. 1 issue in Coldstream and why should residents vote for you as mayor?


Jim Garlick (incumbent)

Since first running for office, I have believed the number one issue for the District of Coldstream, as it should be everywhere, is sustainability.

Firstly, we need to continue to work towards sustainable long-term financial plans to provide affordable taxes to maintain our community service levels and infrastructure.

Secondly, we must ensure sustainable long-term planning to enhance our community, prevent sprawl, diversify our tax base, preserve our agricultural land, and protect the environment.

Lastly, we have to negotiate sustainable partnership agreements with our neighbouring communities that make sense, ensure fairness to all parties, and result in true cost efficiencies to all those involved.

My leadership has been inclusive and supportive of all who want to join in to make this a sustainable community through committees, consultation and teamwork. I will continue to do so, if residents with this same vision come out and support me and a like-minded council.



Dave Hrabchuk

The number one issue in Coldstream is political responsibility.

I want to lead a team that demonstrates responsibility in all facets of community life.

I want to lead a team that cleans up the water supply issues and deals responsibly and effectively with the pending water contamination charges, and one that cleans up the pollution in the city works yard rather than hoping the Ministry of Environment doesn’t find out about it.

I want to lead a team that demonstrates respect when dealing with taxpayers,

I want to lead a team that stimulates economic growth, a team that takes responsibility for a rapidly growing municipal debt and seeks ways to pay it back more quickly, rather than leaving it for our children and grandchildren to repay.


I want to lead a responsible, dedicated and effective team that makes Coldstream proud again.