The Interview

The Interview

Controversial movie The Interview makes Vernon debut

The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogan opens at the Towne Cinema Friday

Vernon is about to see what the fuss is all about when The Interview screens at the Towne Cinema starting Friday.

The downtown theatre is one of only seven theatres in B.C. and 27 in Canada showing the controversial film in limited release.

“Sony decided to offer The Interview to select independent theatres only,”  said Towne Cinema owner Gerry Sellars. “Mark Satok, my booker in Toronto, asked if I would be interested in being one of the select few.”

The announcement comes after Sony Pictures pulled the film from its Christmas Day release from theatres after hackers allegedly linked to North Korea threatened violent repercussions if the film was shown.

The threat by hackers, calling themselves the Guardians of Peace, also included the theft of data and private e-mails by Sony Pictures executives in November.

The Interview stars Vancouver-born star Seth Rogen along with James Franco as television personalities who are sent to North Korea by the CIA to assassinate its leader Kim Jong-un under the guise they are there to interview him.

North Korea has spoken out about the film calling it “an act of terrorism and war.”

Many major theatre chains across North America have since refused to screen the film. Sony has since released the film online and to approximately 200 independent theatres around the U.S.

The studio has reported the film has so far made more than $15 million U.S. from online rentals and purchases since the comedy’s wide theatrical release was shelved.