Core services coming under review

An in-depth scrutiny of Vernon city hall is getting underway

An in-depth scrutiny of Vernon city hall is getting underway.

Council has awarded an $80,000 contract to KPMG to perform a core services review of internal operations.

“We had three applicants and KPMG presented the best plan,” said Coun. Catherine Lord, who supports the process.

“There’s always some efficiencies you can attain. It’s good to review the level of staffing and what kind of services we are providing and are we providing  services we should be providing.”

A similar initiative in Penticton led to widespread layoffs and Lord isn’t sure if there will be some job cuts here.

“It’s something we can’t answer until the core review is done,” she said.

“There may be opportunities to move staff from one area to another.”

Coun. Bob Spiers is pleased to see the review moving ahead after pushing for such a process in the past.

“I want a review of how we deliver services and whether they are reviewed in an economic manner.”

Spiers hopes new revenue sources may also be identified, but he is not speculating on the outcome of the process.

“The proof will be in the pudding,” he said.

The target for completion of the core services review is March 31, 2013.

In a related matter, council will delay consideration of the city’s continued role in funding O’Keefe Ranch beyond 2013 until the core review is completed.