Cosens Bay electricity sought

Officials are undecided if they will support calls for electricity in a rural community

Officials are undecided if they will support calls for electricity in a rural community.

A resident has asked the Electoral Area Advisory Committee to support a bid to have electricity extended into the Cosens Bay area south of Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.

“There was no decision made one way or the other on this,” said Bob Fleming, EAAC chairperson, of a possible letter of support.

“The directors will wade through the documentation provided first.”

In her submission to EAAC, property owner Alice Klim says electricity is needed so there is better management of grey water and sewage disposal.

“We want to work with RDNO to ensure these properties are developed in a responsible way to ensure the quality of the lake is maintained and property values are preserved,” she said.

“We love the park and surrounding area and have invested heavily in being part of the solution, not the problem.”

Klim goes on to say that some groups have delayed protection of the area.

“We think it is absurd to think power will hurt the park when there is a 250,000-voltage Fortis line carrying power over the area to Kelowna,” she said.

Fleming says he understands issues surrounding effluent disposal, but he says the addition of electricity may lead to more development and permanent residents when Cosens Bay was originally intended to be just for seasonal cabins.

“There are some property owners that do not share the same goals (as Klim) so we would have to balance all of the issues,” he said, adding that the Regional District of North Okanagan is currently in the midst of an official community plan review.

“It speaks to the overall vision of the entire area.”