Costs climbing for dog control

Dog control in Armstrong got a little pricier with the awarding of a new tender.

Dog control in Armstrong got a little pricier.

Council voted unanimously to accept the only compliant bid received, from Commissionaires B.C., for the city’s dog control tender.

A three-year deal was reached with the Commissionaires to be paid $34,060 in 2012, $34,580 in $2013 and $35,000 in 2014.

The city’s current contractor will be paid $23,200 for 2011, but did not submit a new bid.

The other was non-compliant with the tender request on several items, and conditions stipulated in that bid were unacceptable to the city.

Coun. Paul Britton wondered if dog control was such an issue that it was worth spending $34,000 on it.

“The explanation we received from city staff is that the person who currently has the bid said it’s underfunded,” said Britton.

“After that, we accepted the bid of the commissionaires. I voted for it because, really, there were no other options.”

Councillors Shirley Fowler and John Trainor were absent from the meeting.