Council debates MMBC challenge

The amount of concern over the new recycling program recently came up at Coldstream council.

The blue box blues are taking over.

Many residents across the North Okanagan continue to express frustration over the new recycling system, which comes into full effect Monday through Multi Material B.C.

The amount of concern over the new program recently came up at Coldstream council.

“Is there any suggestion that there will be a review at the regional district?” asked Coun. Pat Cochrane.

Although the Regional District of North Okanagan used to run the local recycling program, they now have no hand in this new system (although there are curbside collection incentives from MMBC for local governments).

“There’s nothing for the regional district to decide, Multi Material is taking over recycling,” said Coun. Doug Dirk, who is an RDNO director.

MMBC is an organization involving the packaging industry and mandated by the provincial government.

The B.C. government-imposed program has launched protest from businesses, residents and various industry.

“The provincial government hasn’t even flinched or blinked when it comes to MMBC,” said Dirk.

Even though they don’t play a direct role in the program, local politicians have taken some flack for the recycling changes and Coldstream council expects complaints will come after Monday.

“Come first collection day we’ll probably hear more,” said Mayor Jim Garlick.

Dirk adds: “If it’s windy or wet we’ll hear even more.”

Through its website, Coldstream directs residents with inquiries to contact MMBC at 778-588-5904 or Emterra (collection contractor) at 250-545-4245.