Council forms smart meters committee

Enderby committee formed to examine B.C. Hydro smart meters following controversy

Enderby isn’t wading into the smart meter controversy without getting all of the facts first.

A resident asked council Monday to ban B.C. Hydro’s new meters in the community, but council has instead decided to form a committee.

“We want to help people look at the issue,” said Coun. Greg McCune, who will sit on the committee with Coun. Earl Shipmaker.

“People find out what they want to find out about an issue and we want to help them maybe understand the other side.”

Some residents oppose wireless meters, saying there may be radiation that causes health concerns.

Others claim the devices may be used to invade their privacy.

“The resident made a strong presentation and she has concerns. We’re going to investigate the issue before we make a decision,” said Mayor Howie Cyr.

“We will look at the science behind the whole thing. We’re showing good leadership by looking into it.”

It’s expected that B.C. Hydro will make a presentation to the city.

“The committee will come back with recommendations for council to consider,” said Cyr.