Council gives nod to tax increase

Coldstream taxes are expected to rise two per cent for 2014

Coldstream taxes are expected to rise two per cent for 2014 – which works out to an extra $20/year for the average home (valued at $447,000).

The public will have a chance to review Coldstream’s budget at an open house Feb. 18 at the municipal hall from 6 to 9 p.m.

The increase in taxes will help cover operational costs (0.3 per cent), future parks capital works (0.7 per cent) and infrastructure reserves – pavement management plan (one per cent).

Coldstream’s newly hired financial administrator applauds council’s work to put funds aside for future needs.

“As I’ve seen in other communities, it’s very difficult to put money into reserves and I see the efforts this council has made,” said Patricia Higgins.

As part of the budget’s 2014 pavement management, the following roads are getting some attention: Cypress Drive, Petworth Road, Husband Road, Springfield Road and Aberdeen Road.

Staff will also be investigating the feasibility of including College Way (from Kickwillie Loop to Highway 97) and Kidston Road (near Creekside Park).

Any further available funds will be allocated to: Cosens Bay Road, Palfrey Drive West, Wyatt Court, Cunliffe Road and Buchanan Road.

The coming year will also see a new parks landscape maintenance company, with the restructuring of parks.

The district has awarded the a three-year contract to Royal Landscape Maintenance (Kelowna) for their lowest bid of $573,999.

A contract for parks washroom cleaning is still being discussed, as one councillor would like a local submission considered.

The Lavington Community Association bid to look after the facilities in Lavington Park, but that did not comply with the requirements of the request for proposals.