Council rejects program funds

No money for the Restorative Justice Society from the City of Enderby

Enderby politicians see value to restorative justice but they won’t contribute tax dollars.

Council decided Monday not to provide $2,528 to the Restorative Justice Society.

“This is a provincial matter,” said Mayor Howie Cyr of the justice system.

“The provincial government should be funding this and not the community. It’s downloading.”

Through restorative justice, people who have committed an offence meet with the victim to talk about what happened and what can be done to correct the situation.  If possible, it is a way for the offender to remain out of jail and turn their life around.

The grant request was based on about three per cent of the society’s cases coming from Enderby.

“This funding request supports continued restorative justice services within the North Okanagan and specifically as indicated within your communities,” said Carole Lyons, society president, in a letter.

Cyr, a retired RCMP officer, says he appreciates the efforts of the restorative justice society but insists there is only so much the community can do.

“We have so many other financial pressures and we want the government to step up to the plate,” he said.