Councillor protests Kidston Road trail

A Coldstream politician is convinced a new trail will do little to improve safety along a busy road.

Coun. Maria Besso voted against a motion Monday to issue a tender for the Kidston Road multi-use path.

“Council needs to take the time to ponder all of the options,” she told her colleagues.

The plan calls for a $569,800 path from the red gate entrance at Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, north to the Palfrey Drive bicycle path.

It will start on the east side of Kidston Road (from the Palfrey pathway to 200 metres south) and transition over to the west.

However, Besso says the concept was not acceptable to many residents who attended an open house, and particularly the parents of children attending Kidston Elementary School.

“There was a significant appetite to review the design.”

Besso wants a two-metre-wide path on the east side of Kidston Road from the red gate to Coldstream Creek Road.

“This path would provide a safer alternative,” she said.

The open house was attended by 32 people and comments were received from 29 people.

According to district staff, 15 of the respondents supported the proposed design, seven supported the proposed design but would prefer other options and five did not support the plan.

“There were a number of comments that could be incorporated into the design that will help mitigate some of the concerns,” said Alanna Dean, engineering services director, in a memo.

“Staff will investigate the feasibility of crossing lights, particularly at the north crossing. Council may want to set the speed on this section of Kidston Road at 40 kilometres per hour and consider requesting some police enforcement to control speeders.”

Except for Besso, the current design received the backing of the rest of council.

“All of the options were looked at carefully. The survey results were supportive,” said Coun. Richard Enns