Councillor targets poll for art gallery support

Coldstream's Doug Dirk thinks a poll process prior to a referendum for proposed new Vernon art gallery will help gauge support

A public poll of some sort is being urged before funds are handed over to the financially strapped Vernon Public Art Gallery.

With recent pleas from the gallery for more funding, plus the request for a new building, one regional politician is wondering just how much support there is for the gallery.

“I think that a process before the referendum (for a proposed new gallery building) would make sense so that you can gauge the public’s support on this,” said Coldstream Coun. Doug Dirk.

“Ultimately, the public is going to support this or not.”

Some questions have surfaced as to how the gallery can afford to operate a brand new building when it can’t afford its current one.

“It would probably be much more money they would be needing to run it (a new facility),” said Coun. Gyula Kiss.

But Coldstream Mayor Jim Garlick points out that a reduction in B.C. gaming funds has led to the gallery’s current situation and that a new facility would garner more support.

“They would be accessing more money from senior levels of government,” said Garlick.