Councillors seek re-election

On the job as an Enderby city councillor for five terms already, Tony Vetter is still learning and likes the work.

On the job as an Enderby city councillor for five terms already, Tony Vetter is still learning and likes the work.

That’s why he’s seeking another term in the Nov. 19 municipal elections.

“I think I have a good idea what people like to have done in the community,” said Vetter, a 45-year resident of Enderby who has owned a business in the community for 40 of those years.

“There is always something new to learn.”

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Vetter would like to keep Enderby taxes low and improve the roads and sidewalks.

“We have problems with our storm systems and I want to finish that,” said Vetter who is trying to keep his seat along with incumbents Earl Shipmaker, Greg McCune, Beryl Ludwig and Brad Case. Howie Cyr is vacating his seat to challenge Dee Wejr for the mayor’s job.

Shipmaker, a financial advisor, is seeking a fourth term on council, and believes his knowledge of local government and experience at the city and regional district level will be beneficial over the next three years.

“Our administrator (CAO) and treasurer are retiring and I feel that I can help to make the transition to their successors a smooth one,” said Shipmaker. “I will also continue to be a strong advocate for our many volunteer organizations that work to make Enderby a special place.

“I look for the most cost-effective way of delivering services to our citizens. This includes volunteers, regional district and private contractors, as well as city employees, depending on what service is needed.”

Seeking a fourth straight term on council, McCune let his name stand again because, with a slowed economy and global infrastructure crisis, he believes the city needs leaders with experience and the ability to work with different levels of government.

“They also have to be willing to think outside the box,” said McCune, a grocery store employee. “I think my time active in the community is an asset as it allows me to hear the issues first-hand.”

McCune said being on council now is just as exciting as it was when he was first elected.

“Enderby is a city that needs some growth so that the services that our citizens expect are provided and provided locally,” he said.

Ludwig is also seeking a fourth consecutive term. One of the reasons why is that she likes the current council, but will be sad to see Cyr or Wejr depart.

“This council has just been fantastic and it will be tough to lose one of them,” said Ludwig. “They agree to disagree, we all do that, and the council has worked out really well.”

Ludwig said she had some hesitancy about seeking another term.

“I turned 70 in the spring and thought maybe I’m getting old, but on the other hand maybe I’m not,” said Ludwig.

Case, born and raised in Enderby, is seeking a third consecutive term.

“I have a strong sense of community which allows me to really enjoy the job of being a city councillor and I want to continue that work,” said Case. “Like most communities we face many challenges, which I would like the opportunity to face.”