Creek pollution identified

Creek pollution identified

More action is required to preserve the health of Coldstream Creek.

Phase two of a study indicates that several pollutant sources continue to exist along the creek from Kalamalka Lake to Nobel Canyon, and one of the likely sources is horses.

“Some owners may believe the creek is there for livestock access,” said Bryer Manwell, a principal with Western Water Associates, which led the study.

Horses can also lead to erosion along the creek and create overland flow from ditches to the creek.

And while the creek runs through Coldstream Ranch, that doesn’t appear to be a significant concern.

“They have been doing really good work to keep their cattle away from the creek,” said Manwell.

A study recommendation is to encourage horse owners to build fences to keep horses away from the creek.

The report also finds that culverts across from a dairy farm are significant point source for contaminants contributing to water quality degradation.

There is also a culvert draining an unknown source with elevated nitrates at Brewer Road.

“It could be buried carcasses or manure that’s been plowed,” said Manwell.

Manuel is calling for an investigation of the Brewer Road culvert to determine where its draining from so possible treatments can be considered.

The study was funded by the District of Coldstream, the Society for the Protection of Kalamalka Lake and other agencies.