A cougar was found dead in Coldstream Park Monday morning.

A cougar was found dead in Coldstream Park Monday morning.

Dead cougar found in Coldstream Park

Cause of death in otherwise healthy, young female cat unknown

It’s unknown what killed an otherwise healthy, young cougar in Coldstream Monday.

District of Coldstream public works crews came across the deceased animal Monday morning upon opening Coldstream Park.

“It was actually seen in Coldstream Park on Sunday afternoon and it was alive,” said Mike Richardson, conservation officer. “It was sitting in the ball diamond in the park.”

The female cougar, which appeared to be sunning itself, slowly sauntered away when it noticed the individual, which Richardson says is somewhat unusual.

“It didn’t bolt when the person saw it, which is a little strange.”

But even more so is finding the cat, which he suggests is just a couple years old, deceased.

“It’s a little strange, it’s a little odd.”

The cougar will be send for a necropsy with the provincial veterinarian but results are expected to take at least a month.

A cougar was spotted in Coldstream about a week ago, and an alert went out to Coldstream Elementary students, which Richardson assumes was the same cat.

Other than these sightings, there haven’t been many cougars or bears reported in the North Okanagan.

“It’s definitely slowed down,” said Richardson. “The bears are slowly moving into hibernation.”