Decision pending in sex offender case

In December, 2012, Connor Dee pleaded guilty to 13 counts but two of the counts were stayed during proceedings Monday.

The case of a Vernon man charged with multiple counts of sexual interference and invitations to sexual touching with children under 16, possession of child pornography and one count of extortion rests with a provincial court judge.

Judge Mayland McKimm announced Tuesday in court, after a day-and-a-half of sentencing proceedings, he will need at least two weeks to render a decision in the case of Connor Michael Tyson Dee, 28.

Dee, who grew up in Yellowknife and moved to Pritchard, between Kamloops and Chase, in 1995, was originally arrested in October 2011 in Vernon following an RCMP investigation.

He had been a five-year resident of Vernon prior to his arrest.

A search warrant was carried out as the result of a comprehensive investigation that involved law enforcement agencies from B.C. and Ontario on allegations stemming from interactions between Dee and a child via an Internet social networking site.

Dee faced as many as 20 charges in connection with the investigation. In December, 2012, he pleaded guilty to 13 counts but two of the counts were stayed during proceedings Monday.

He is to be convicted on 11 charges.

Crown and defence offered a joint submission calling for two years in jail with credit for time served plus three years of strict probation.

McKimm questioned Crown on why they would agree to a short sentence for such serious charges.

Crown lawyer Cristina Cabulea, who took over the case late in the proceedings, said rehabilitation for Dee is a factor in considering the sentence.

Dee’s lawyer, Jonathan Avis, said his client has accepted responsibility for his actions, and pointed out to the court he spared the victims having to testify during a trial by entering guilty pleas.

Crown is calling for a lifetime ban of Internet use, which defence has opposed.

Avis said Dee has been in 23-hour lockdown for his own safety at the Kamloops Regional Correction Centre since April 2012, when Dee was arrested for a breach of his conditions as a result of the October 2011 arrest.

Given an opportunity to address the court Tuesday, Dee declined.

A date for McKimm’s ruling will be determined today in Vernon court.