Development before Armstrong officials

Kelowna-based construction company looking to develop commercial and homes in Armstrong

An old proposal for a commercial and residential development in Armstrong has a new look.

Thanks to the realignment of Highway 97A, a Kelowna-based construction company has made application to amend the official community plan and rezone a portion of a 4.88 hectare lot at Highway 97A and Harding Road to create a new 1.08 hectare highway and tourist commercial lot.

“The big part is looking to redevelop the land and make it so we have commercial all across the frontage of the highway, rather than as before when we had it set up to build homes all the way up to the highway,” said Greg Aslin, general manager of land development and homes for Emil Anderson Construction Ltd.

“We don’t think that’s very saleable.”

Originally, the construction group had proposed putting the commercial portion of its plan in the corner and use the rest to create 72 single-family housing units.

But, with Highway 97A being realigned over the past year at that location, Asling said his company needed to bring access to the development further down Harding Road.

The commercial portion still remains in the corner, with plans now for 63 housing units and the potential for a hotel or motel.

“We thought in order to go through the exercise we’re going through where we had to look at servicing for the property, we said, ‘What if we could find somebody to build a hotel there?’” said Asling.

There would be a buffer created between the commercial and residential units.

Asling said his company has already contacted potential suitors for the commercial lot.

“We have a number of interested parties in the corner,” he said.

Tim Hortons has long been rumoured as being interested in the site.

Armstrong council voted unanimously Monday to give first two readings to the rezoning application.

A public hearing will be held on the application April 10 at 6:45 p.m. in council chambers.